Manufacturer of wood products
WOODEN WORLD wyroby z litego drewna, pudelka drewniane, skrzynki drewniane, krazki drewniane
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Wooden World - manufacturer of wood products

targi le?aki z drewna  

Wooden World is a family run company with a well-established position in both domestic and foreign markets.

We specialize in the manufacture of hand crafted wooden products.  Our portfolio includes beautifully crafted boxes for various applications (e.g. wine and tea boxes, dressing table boxes, wooden trunks and storage boxes).  We have recently expanded our portfolio to include rustic ornamental rings, high quality garden furniture and sledges.    

Quality, precision workmanship and competitive pricing have established our rapidly growing client base.   Institutions, companies and private individuals are all valued clients who repeatedly return to us for our natural, ecological and exquisitely crafted products.



Produkcja wyrobˇw z drewnaproducent wyrobˇw z drewnawyroby z drewna

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